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"Only rarely traditional blues and powerful rock come so close."

The "Rynhrd Boegl Group" - the band of exceptional harmonica player and Bluesshouter Rynhrd Boegl, prominently supported by the "Guitar Legend" Fritz Glatzl. Rhythmically powered by a driving and unstoppable groove section: Tom Siegl on bass and Andreas Szelegowitz on drums.

Although this is still a relatively young band, each of the four musicians has its 30th anniversary on stage already behind. To talk about an "old-men-band" would be just as wrong as the blues be described as "sad melancholy". On the contrary, the decades of live experience on stage is converted into pure energy, an energy which hardly anyone can avoid. The result was once aptly called "mal-edged, then rousing cheerful, powerful blues-rock".

The edged part of the sound is made by Fritz Glatzl on electric guitar. He has over three decades of experience on live stages with one of the eldest Blues Band of Austria - the "Bluespumpm". His uncomplicated personality can be heard clearly without compromise in the reduced to the bare minimum, groovy style of play.
This fit perfect for the powerful, virtuoso harmonica from frontman Rynhrd Boegl. Classifying his style of playing the harmonica can be done hardly: There are traditional sounds, sounds similar to a distorted guitar, then you can hear an organ or a horn. Everything is possible and nothing forbidden, so Rynhrd makes the harmonica and the rough vocal qualities the high level of recognition of the band.

For the necessary rhythmic supply of "Rynhrd Boegl Group" two well-trained instrumentalists are in this band. Their broad musical spectrum makes the uniqueness of the overall sound perfectly.
Tom Siegl on bass is at home in soul and jazz as well as in the Latin American music and rock. Only a few notes, then again provocative melodies - what the song needs will be reliably identified and completed together with the drummer.
On drums there is Andreas Szelegowitz, a master on many instuments: drums, percussion, guitar, piano, composition and arrangement. He and Tom just serves the same purpose: to provide the basis for an independent driving and explosive blues-rock band.

In the live programm there are many compositions of the band - "the own stuff can be done at the best". And with respect for the great masters on live stages can also be heard many classics of the genre. Songs like "Rock Me Baby" (BB King), "Rollin 'And Tumblin" (Muddy Waters), "Just Got Paid" (ZZ Top), "My Babe" (Little Walter) or John Mayall all time hit "Room To Move" will be interpreted in the own "Rynhrd Boegl Group"- style.

Rough and dirty blues without resorting to clichés, with the unmistakable energy of handmade rock. Presented in a virtuosic and energetic style, reflecting the roots and the modern urban spirit.

"The Blues had a grandchild, and they named it..."

Live review "Passauer Neue Presse":
"... These four guys live intensely the blues on stage and don't care on genre rules. Their emotional kind of making music awoke images and films in your head, films about smoky and loud bars, the deep south and the Route 66. A live band, which infects!"


RYNHRD BOEGL - harmonica, vocals

For more than 30 years of creative member of the Austrian music scene. His flexible and yet independent style can hardly be classified, a clear tendency to blues and rock is unmistakable. Teachers for blues harp, graphic designers and copywriter.

Lives in: A-4020 Linz

Past and present bands: Harpattack, Power Blues Inc., Die Bootschafter, Still Experienced, Diving Duck Blues Band, Lucy in the Sky


A real "Waldviertler", fish (sign of the zodiac), guitar legend. Active member of the eldest blues-rock band of Austria, the Bluespumpm. Experience in live rock circus and in the recording studio. Brilliant composer and groove inventor, leisure restorer of his old farmhouse.

Lives in: A-3970 Wultschau

Past and present bands: Giant Blonder, Bluespumpm, Harpattack, John Maximilian Müller plus Zappa plus Fritz Glatzl


Well trained instrumentalist with mulitkultureller music experience. Stylistic range from soul and jazz to salsa to rock music. Avid athlete - active as well as passive - and family man. Not only because of its size unmistakable.

Lives in: A-4020 Linz

Past and present bands: Power Blues Inc., Souled Out, Ruben and the Jets, Blue Horn, Blues Doctor, Fuego Latino, Son Cubano


Driving drummer with instrumental diversity - guitar, piano, composition, arrangement. Stylistically experience in Swing, jazz, rock, film music and country music. Immensely patient boat builder with a surprising relevant expertise.

Lives in: A-4490 St. Florian

Past and present bands: Detomaso, Power Blues Inc., Scenario, Steel Back, Austrian Swing Orchestra, Franx, John TC & the Troubleshooters

Photos: Aleksandra Prünner, www.aleks-photo.com



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